EPCs for Rented Properties

Property that is owned by a landlord and is part of their rental property portfolio will be subject to energy assessment to establish the performance of the building in a similar way to residential domestic property.

The same basic energy assessment rules apply, and the home inspector or assessor will survey the dwelling using the same principles for domestic energy performance assessment If landlords are renting out property, They will need to provide a certificate to any prospective tenant.

There is no need to obtain a Energy Performance Certificate for an existing tenancy. However once obtained, a certificate remains valid for up to 10 years so it makes sense to add the EPC to your portfolio at an early stage and take advantage of our discounts.

If a valid Energy Performance Certificate still exists when changing tenants no new certificate is required. This applies to both private and social sector landlords and tenants.

Although the responsibility lies with the landlord it is likely the rental management companies will be instrumental in arranging the provision of the EPC as part of their service to their client landlords For our presentation on the subject Click here to download this file